About us

Chris Kellogg was born into an entrepreneurial family. He’s simply no stranger to pouring his heart into a business, taking pride in hard work, and building long lasting relationships with clients. He rolls with the punches and works through start up challenges finding solutions and keeping his eye [and my eye] on the purpose. We are here to facilitate self care in the community, starting with a consistent yoga practice.

In April of 2016, I saw an advertisement for a Teacher Training program at my home studio in Yorkville, Sense of Samadhi. I read the ad out loud and immediately Chris said, “DO IT!” I came up with a fast 5 reasons as to why I was too busy. But Chris could tell by my hesitation I was still interested. I said, “I’m going to text Tairi Grace and if there’s still room, I’ll do it.” Tairi let me in and the rest is history. After I became certified, I continued working full-time in marketing and taught once a week at Om Sweet Om in Elburn. By summer of 2017, my focus had shifted. Yoga was clearly my passion and I wanted to find a way to teach full-time. I went for a walk and discovered the space at 27 N 2nd Street had become available. I knew this was it. I texted Chris and we signed on the space within days. We have placed all of our energy into making Yellow Aura Yoga a safe and welcoming retreat from the daily stressors of life.

Transform Your Body & Mind

Practice with us in a peaceful and relaxed environment.